Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

3D Tours, Google Postings, Still Photography, Videography

Where can I use this tour?

This tour can be used on any digital platform where you can post an embed code. This means personal websites, Facebook, and any third party sites. The tours can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even desktops. This is the new marketing wave and you will be ahead of the curve.

How much will this cost me?

Outside the cost of doing the initial scan plus any add-ons (videography, post to google), each scan will cost just 50 per month. Nothing more, Nothing less. (minimum of 3 scans)

Are there any contracts? Hidden Fees? Add-ons?

NO contracts. NO hidden fees. We like to give our clients complete autonomy when deciding to change services. The add-ons are all a-la-carte of your choosing. We do not mandate our clients to have any of our services.