Welcome All Firemen, Inspectors, and Insurers

Please Allow Us To Express our Gratitude

We are all deeply grateful to firemen for their selfless service and bravery.
They risk their lives every day to protect our communities from danger, and we can never thank them enough for it.
We owe them a debt of gratitude for their dedication and hard work in keeping us safe, and we must always remember to thank them for the sacrifices they make. Our lives are more safe with you and it would never be the same without you. 
Thank you for being an inspiration and a beacon of light to us all. 

Sincerely, The Vspec360 Family

Curious As To How We Assist Fire Official?

Vspec360 is a 3D Security company focused on directly aiding Law Enforcement and First Responders. We specialize in making 3D Virtual Maps of a physical structure. Our maps are specifically designed to assist Fire Officials in training, inspections, and emergency situations. Our technology allows the user to be transported directly into a virtual replica of the area previously scanned. This scan is captured in 4K resolution and allows the user to have a "real life" feel of walking through a structure. Additional features include a VR mode, Virtual Tape Measure, and accurate traditional 2D Floor Plans. Last but not least, We enhance the user experience by placing Vpins throughout the map. Vpins are information dots that have the capability to hold sensitive information needed in training and emergency situations. To top it off, all of our maps have the capability to be password protected with military grade encryption.


Fire marshals are increasingly using virtual reality (VR) technology to conduct fire safety inspections. By using VR, fire marshals can inspect a building or structure in a much more efficient and cost-effective way than traditional methods. VR also allows them to identify potential hazards that may not be visible with the naked eye, ensuring that the premises is safe for occupants. Additionally, VR technology can help fire marshals provide feedback to building owners on how they can improve their fire safety measures. This helps ensure that buildings are up to code and compliant with local regulations.

System optimization

Fire officials experience a wide range of benefits from using our 3D Technology. 

Benefits Include:

_ Reduce number of trips.

_ Easily identify problem area, lessening time spent on scene

_ Easily prove the condition of a structure on last visit

_ More efficient file storage and map sharing in the field


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