Meet The Founder

Dwayne Williams Jr.

Over the years, the 1993, Flint Native, has been playing a game of chess with this beautiful thing we call life. From being homeless, tragically shot and founding S.W.A.G.G (Students Working Against Gangs & Guns) to becoming a public speaker and credited author, Mr. Williams jr. finally found his passion for Entrepreneurship and love for Technology. Using all his chess pieces to his advantage, Dwayne founded Vspec360 in 2020 and the BAG Program (Black and Gifted) in 2022. Within 2 years, Mr. Williams jr. dominated the chess board and strategically demonstrated success in the software development industry as both Director and Developer. Dwayne believes, challenging and developing his talents while forging strong relationships with internal and external business partners, is key for him to win. The Object to Chess is to protect the King at all cost. Dwayne makes sure to carve out time for the things that put him in a good head space. Mr. Williams jr. enjoys traveling and shooting imaginary 3 pointers as if his first name were Kobe. He finds peace of mind by any body of water. And last but not least he experiences an undeniable amount of love and happiness with his family, Daughter, Elilah Love and Fiancé’ Elayashia. Pair his tech side with his personal side and that there is what you call a “Well Rounded Individual”.